Caribsoul is the freshest, funkiest food caterers on the street right now.

Our mission is to bring Caribbean food to the masses, Showcasing dishes from all over the Caribbean.

The name caribsoul derives from the soul of the Caribbean, being that we cook from the soul in the Caribbean.

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Caribbean Soul Food

At caribsoul we thought “how can we reach the masses?” What better way to do this than using a catering trailer.

This allows us to breakdown barriers upfront and personal! Promoting the best caribbean food in your town. 

Being portable, we understand presentation is vital alongside taste, so we’re never complacent.

We’re always striving for customer satisfaction and encourage feedback. 

Look out for us in your Area!

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from the soul of the Caribbean
Who we are

My name is Lester McGowan 

I developed my love of cooking watching my Grandmother in the kitchen. 

She was always preparing our meals from scratch, and as the years passed on, I began trying out these “oldskool” recipes.

These “oldskool” recipes have become firm favourites at parties and dinners nationwide. However, don't take my word for it; become my next critic; give us a try.

from the soul of the Caribbean
Curry Chicken
Ackee & Saltfish
Stew Chicken 
Jerk Chicken
Rice & Peas

Stuffed Dumpling
Jerk Wings
Follow the soul

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